Partnership Spotlight

Martinez Senior Center Partnership.

The Covid-19 pandemic presents a doubly complicated situation for seniors: Not only are they at higher risk of contracting the disease, but they are also the most likely to struggle with the consequences of prevention strategies like social distancing. From logistical issues, like finding someone to do your grocery shopping, to emotional ones, such as coping with anxiety and depression in isolation, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought to the forefront an experience that can be uncomfortable for many: asking for help.

Gina Lombardi Gravent, Senior Citizens’ Supervisor in Martinez, recently spoke of the many challenges the seniors faced as resources shut down and panic rose last year. Neighbors who had previously helped were no longer available, churches and other services shut down. Relying on a partnership with LFCC became crucial to help feed seniors in the community.

LFCC filled a critical gap by serving food to the local seniors on the weekends. Every weekend, LFCC serves hot nutritious meals at the Martinez Senior Center parking lot. By serving food in the parking lot, the seniors could drive through to get hot meals and groceries delivered to their cars while keeping safe and socially distant.

Per Gina, the seniors are looking forward to the special meals being prepared for the holidays. LFCC’s weekend program chef, Carrisa, is already working on the menu to make sure she is serving a healthy meal that tastes delicious and includes the variety of donated food LFCC receives every week.

The partnership between LFCC and Martinez Senior Center has made a significant impact on the senior community.

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