Volunteer Spotlight


Isaiah has been volunteering for Loaves and Fishes at our Pittsburg dining room. He works in the kitchen preparing the meals and serving meals to clients. He came to us with the desire to help his local community. One day, he decided to Google “ways to volunteer.” When Loaves and Fishes popped up, he quickly remembered he was already connected to us. As it turns out, when his father was a young boy, he used to be a guest and utilize our services. When that all came together, he couldn’t wait to give back and contribute to a mission that helped his family. Isaiah has been working with us now for the past 4 months. Isaiah’s favorite thing about volunteering is seeing the look on the guests faces when they receive extra items like a loaf of bread, milk or a jar of peanut butter. It makes him feel wonderful to be able to give back.

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