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Loaves and Fishes Culinary Program
Loaves and Fishes Culinary Program
Loaves and Fishes Culinary Program

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"My Whole Life has Changed!"
One Student's Story

   Rene believes once you decide to do something, be committed. That’s how she became one of the first graduating in an online program for her psychology degree as well as a full-time minister.

   Rene has always been interested in creating and cooking. For the last nine years, Rene has cooked and catered for churches – some paid and some as volunteer positions. Additionally, as a janitor for a property management company, she began a food service program for senior residents where they would come together once a month to create a meal together. Rene enjoys sharing her passion for food and hospitality with others.

   One morning Rene woke up to an email from Loaves and Fishes promoting the new Culinary Arts Program and she knew it was a sign she’d been praying for about what was next for her on her journey to improve herself and her family’s well-being (she had provided her email to Loaves and Fishes four years ago when she lived down the street from the Oakley dining room and wanted to be able to provide information to the senior residents she assisted.) Rene applied for the class that very day – both via email and mail.

   Rene says, “My whole life has changed!.” She resigned from her janitorial position and is now a cook at Roundhouse Market and Conference Center in San Ramon.    The 10-week Culinary Arts Program taught Rene the skills that immediately made her employable in the culinary industry. Having already obtained her ServeSafe license from her previous cooking experience, she says that the highlights of the culinary class were: knife skills (i.e., different cutting techniques, inches to dice for various recipes), dressing-making techniques, proper temperature for various meats, how to make dough and so much more! Rene says, “After training with Chef Ted, you’re good to go.”

   Rene is very appreciative of the Loaves and Fishes Culinary Arts Program and hopes that more people will take advantage of it. “If you’re ready for your cooking lessons to work in the culinary industry, start at Loaves and Fishes.”