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The Latest News from Loaves and Fishes of Contra Costa

As we embrace the arrival of the spring, a season synonymous with new opportunities, rejuvenation, and growth, we are delighted to share exciting updates about our meal program. It has undergone significant growth and transformation, directly addressing the evolving needs of our community, all thanks to our dedicated team and the unwavering support of our community.

In the wake of the post-Covid-19 relief programs ending, we faced an unprecedented demand for meals. From our usual 650 meals per day pre-pandemic, we’ve adapted and expanded, now averaging an impressive 3,000 meals daily.

In 2023, LFCC’s meal program underwent a significant transformation. LFCC’s Karen Introcaso Mobile Unit (KI Mobile Unit) now collaborates with Bay Area Community Services (Delta Landing and Opportunity Village) and Bay Area Community Resources (West Pittsburg Community Church) to take meals to where people are. Drop-off partners include Mt. Diablo Adult Education and Opportunity Junction, while RESTORE (weekdays), Martinez Shelter, and Martinez Senior Center (weekends) serve as pick-up partners.

As we move forward, we want to express our thanks for your ongoing support. Please think about contributing to LFCC this spring to help us maintain our impactful work. Your donation is an investment in a program with a committed team striving to improve our community.

With best regards,

Janette Kennedy,
Executive Director, Development and External Relations

Jolene Lafayette,
Executive Director, Operation

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