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Without our amazing donors, our mission would not be complete.

Help Support the Culinary Arts Program

The Loaves and Fishes Culinary Arts Program is FREE to our students. We tell our students, “it is a free program. but not really. Someone is paying for you to be here and wants to see you succeed!” We appreciate donated items or financial donations to support our expenses.


If you are interested in providing funding for the program, below is a Wish List of the items we are always in need of:

  • Chef Coats – $65.00 per coat
  • Knife Sets -$80.00 each
  • Aprons – $12.00 each
  • Hats – $12.00 each
  • Culinary nonslip Shoes – $40.00 each
  • One week of Groceries – $400.00
  • CA Food Handler Cards – $15.00 each
  • General Funding Support
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