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Our Mission and History

The mission of Loaves and Fishes of Contra Costa is to provide community based food programs and partner services that focus on basic needs. We Nourish Lives!

Since 1983, Loaves and Fishes has served over 5 million meals to many thousands of hungry people throughout Contra Costa County. We have recruited thousands of volunteers and built an organization that has grown to serving over 251,000 meals, and distributing over 200 tons of groceries each fiscal year.

In 2016 we started a Culinary Arts Training program. The program introduces the students to basic food preparation and cooking techniques, proper and safe operation of a commercial kitchen, food service skills, basic nutrition as well as coaching on interviewing, job retention skills and students receive assistance on acquiring a job in the culinary industry. The program has placed several students in Culinary jobs as well as helped students apply to the Diablo Valley Community College Culinary Arts program.

We partner with other social service agencies and community-based organizations to support our community in need. Our partners include Trinity Center, St. Vincent de Paul, Rubicon Programs, Opportunity Junction, White Pony Express and the Food Bank of Contra Costa & Solano.

We seek financial and volunteer support for Loaves and Fishes from individuals, businesses, service organizations, religious organizations and foundations that recognize the need for feeding the hungry.

Our values

  • Serving meals to the hungry of Contra Costa County without regard to race, religion, sex, age, place of residence or any other qualification; and
  • Providing a welcoming and positive environment, respectful of the dignity and privacy of all guests, regardless of circumstances or appearance; and
  • Developing cooperative relationships with other organizations and individuals who share our goal of feeding the hungry; and
  • Being a largely volunteer organization, staffed by individuals who recognize the need and are committed to feeding the hungry of Contra Costa County; and
  • Being financially responsible by maximizing the utilization of volunteer labor and donated food products; and
  • Being accountable to its supporters by providing full disclosure of all financial dealings, thereby ensuring the long term viability of the organization; and
  • Seeking financial and volunteer support for Loaves and Fishes primarily from businesses, individuals, and other organizations that recognize the need for feeding the hungry.
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