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The Food Pantry

In addition to our hot meal program, we make every effort through our food pantry partners to stock a Food Pantry for our clients. Our hope is to provide individuals with more food to take home with them for evenings and weekends, and for other members of their family who cannot come to our mid-day meal service. A food pantry is not available in our Walnut Creek location at this time.

The Food Pantry consists of fresh fruits and vegetables, canned food, prepared food in containers from local grocers, dry cereal, crackers and bread. Loaves and Fishes does not provide bags for the pantry, as we enourage people to use their own reusable bags. The food pantry is made possible from our generous food donors and partnerships with other food programs.

There is a Food Pantry at four of our dining room locations (Walnut Creek currently does not have a Food Pantry). Click here for the location and hours.

Our Food Pantry Partners

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