Client Spotlight

Meet Sherry. She lives within walking distance of our Martinez dining room and is a guest there nearly every day. In 2008 Sherry suffered from a medical condition that put her in a coma for 6 months. When she came out of the coma, she had to learn to read, write and learn how to do many daily life skills over again. As a result of the coma, Sherry also suffered long-term brain damage.

As Sherry was recovering, she lost her house to a family member that took advantage of her situation. After living on the streets for two years, then staying at the Concord Shelter, Sherry finally received assistance and moved into public housing in Martinez in 2019. Sherry likes to say, “I’ve survived due to the kindness of others.”

Sherry walks with the use of a cane and struggles with long-term pain but comes to Loaves and Fishes because it gets her up and moving and out of her apartment.

Although Sherry is allergic to tomatoes, the staff at Loaves and Fishes typically can find her something from the food pantry to eat if the hot meal has tomatoes in it. “The groceries from the food pantry help tremendously,” said Sherry. “I can usually find something to eat or something to cook on my own. Everyone is so nice and helpful at Loaves and Fishes,” added Sherry.

Sherry is known at Loaves and Fishes as the “Tomato Lady.” “Even though I’m in a lot of pain, I come because I love the people here and they always make me laugh calling me the Tomato Lady,” said Sherry. “It’s tough to be isolated, especially with the pandemic. I love the sense of community here at Loaves and Fishes and want people to know how great.